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This ecometer shows you how the material selections of your house affect its carbon emissions. The pointer on left shows carbon emissions equivalent to the average carbon footprint of a house of the same size and the pointer on right shows carbon emissions equivalent to your choises. The average carbon footprint is from a wood-framed house insulated with mineral wool and built according to standards. If Your House pointer stays above the Average house pointer then your choises are more ecological.

Material selections make a big difference on the ecological friendliness of a house. Up to 30% of the total life-cycle emissions of a house which is built according to current standards are generated in connection with its construction.

Make your selections based on your own house. Watch the ecometer on left side at the same time. You can change your selection at any point. The ecometer changes based on your selections in real time. At the end you get a conclusion and comments about the ecological friendliness of your selections.