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A craft which goes back a thousand years

The craft of log building has been evolving in the northern coniferous zone over a thousand years. Through the centuries log buildings have provided our ancestors protection against wind and weather. Nowadays log building know-how is state of the art in Finland. Excellent raw materials, design skills founded on a strong tradition of log building and strong technological know-how have made Finland the world leader in log construction quality. Finnish log construction quality criteria have become a model for quality requirements in other parts of the world. Finland is the world's leading export country for industrially produced log houses. We are proud of our know-how.

Log construction is part of the Finnish economy

Few products today are so Finnish and well worth the Finnish key flag mark as a log cabin. In practice, all the necessary construction parts are manufactured in Finland by Finns. Log house factories are an important source of employment in many small towns and they are their area's export company.

Sustainable development

Log house production is energy self-sufficient, and even produces more energy than it uses, because the production process generates more energy waste by-product than it takes to manufacture the product itself. The resulting chips and sawdust are just that renewable energy, aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and replacing imported energy.

Proven healthy indoor air

According to several studies and surveys, residents of log houses are satisfied with the quality of indoor air.  You can explore the study results in the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) report published in 2012: Housing health and satisfaction in log houses

Log buildings last

It is no coincidence that very old log buildings can often be seen in rural areas. The oldest still standing log building in Finland is thought to be St. Henry's Chapel in Kokemäki, built in the 1400s. In the same way, a log building built today can be standing 500 years from now.

Industrial manufacturing has standardised quality and enables rapid construction

Log construction excellence has been perfected as a result of years and years of craftsmanship. In industrial manufacturing of all of these proven solutions and features have been processed into more dimensionally accurate and consistent quality products. Industrial manufacturing guarantees a good cost-effectiveness, security of supply and rapid construction.

Detached housesomakotitalo

Traditional, modern, or just the way you want?

A log house is a natural part of the Finnish landscape in the countryside as well as in the city. The scope of manufacturers' collections indicates the uniqueness of the housing and the almost limitless design possibilities.  Excellent examples of house solutions, floor plans and individual structural solutions can be found in the collections.  And if just the right floor plan doesn't exist, bespoke solutions can be commissioned.


Holiday homesloma-asunto

The log is at home in holiday homes

A holiday home built of logs situated in a natural setting is every Finn's dream. There are about 500,000 holiday homes in Finland and a significant number of them are made of logs. While traditional architecture for holiday homes is still going strong, an increasing number of modern holiday homes are also built of logs.

The use of holiday homes is more and more clearly divided between  summer cottages and year-round holiday residences. The traditional logs are the ideal material for a summer cottage and massive laminated logs are a great choice for buildings in use all year round.


Saunas and outbuildingssaunamökki

Large and small buildings

Because they are adaptable and easy to design logs also work very well in smaller buildings. Saunas are already classics, but logs are also excellent for many other smaller buildings 



Public buildingsJulkinen rakennus

The log strengthens its position

When the goal is to build a healthy, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing building, more and more designers and public builders end up choosing genuine logs.

Restaurants, hotels, day care centres, schools, parish centres, office buildings  With the help of modern manufacturing technology HTT's member companies are able to carry out even the most demanding public construction in accordance with the customers' wishes, professionally and reliably.